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Phosphorus trap in sewage systems

DiaPure is based on a naturally porous material covered in a coating with phosphorus binding properties. The material does not break down, does not clogg and works regardless of the pH level. This results in highly reactive and long lasting material.
Our filters can be used for wetlands and agriculture, as well as for industrial waste water, e.g. in the food industry.

Natural material
Phosphorus binding
Does not clogg
long lasting material

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We can´t just continue living as if there is no tomorrow, because there is a tomorrow.

– Greta Thunberg

We´ve moved from a small world on a big planet to a big world on a small planet.

– Johan Rockström

We need a transition to circular economic principles and practice.

– Johan Rockström

To do your best is no longer good enough.
We now have to do the seemingly impossible.

– Greta Thunberg

Our Goal

Our goal is to recover the phosphorus from the filters and return it to agriculture, a technology we have patented and are currently testing with test customers.

A limited resource

Phosphorus is found in all living things. It is a finite resource that we need to grow food. Without phosphorus, we cannot feed a growing population.

Award-winning projects

Diapure’s filter not only purifies water but also recycles phosphorus, which is a non-renewable resource and is essential in agriculture and mining.